The Heist

After their escapade in the Remnants hideout, the crew realised something strange.

They worked well together.

Counting their haul, an opportunity arose. Harrison had laid his hand on some tickets to an auction of magic items. Scruffy took the opportunity to train his new wolf puppy, leaving Carson and Symphony to look around for additional muscle. At the other end of the bar, they saw a small, gnomish necromancer drowning out the voice of God with as much beer as he could hold – Pam.

The story so far
By Captain Varis

Captain Varis hated puzzles. And this one was a bastard. 

He sipped his coffee thoughtfully while staring at the chart on his wall. Stick to the known facts. The Remnants had received a large supply of gunpowder from somewhere. Carson Jagger had killed four of his men. Gunpowder was expensive, and this was recent, so they must have picked up a new benefactor. Carson Jagger and unknown accomplices had murdered four of his men. 

They'd known exactly what they were after too – a safe deposit box that apparently didn't exist in any records. That meant someone else with money and influence. Carson fucking Jagger and unknown accomplices had brutally murdered four of HIS MEN.

The door creaked open as a slender orc entered, all smiles. "Captain." he said with a slight bow. Varis' eyes narrowed. 

"The Fangs concern themselves with common thieves now?"

"The Fangs concern themselves with defence of the realm," he replied, the smile not leaving his face. "I have direct orders from the Khan's court to -"

He was cut off mid sentence by a giant explosion to the north of the city. Varis was out of the door and barking orders before the distant screaming began. Dear gods, what now? 

The story thus far
Narrator viewpoint

Altanzai! City of gold, danger and shadows! Make your fortune, lose your fortune, fall in love and get your throat slit! One guy did it all on the same day. There's a song about him.

On an unusually hot day, the air filled with the din of commerce, a young Tiefling woman performed music for watching children. A half-orc enjoyed an ice cream, watching the comings and goings of the guards at the bank carefully. And an elf searched the library for rare tomes.

Then the bank exploded.

Masked figures ran out with bulging sacks, each armed – remarkably – with black powder pistols and throwing gunpowder into the crowd indiscriminately. Jagger (the half-orc) chose this moment to make himself scarce, while Scruffy (the elf) retreated to the library. Symphony (the tiefling) threw herself on a wayward grenade to save the children around her. The guard arrested them, intending to ask them questions later (and in Scruffy's case, because he was unjustly accused of stealing books).  Before they could be interrogated, they broke out, killing guards on the way, and resolved to find the thieves themselves, regaining recompense for their half hour of jail time.

Searching the city and asking around, the intrepid crew split up in disguise – Carson discovered that stolen from the bank was a safe deposit box that officially didn't exist, Symphony tracked the culprits down to a group known as "The Remnants", bitter that the war ended in negotiation and not victory, and Scruffy found the culprits fled into the sewer.

Tracking them to their lair, they killed some guards, stole their clothes and infiltrated. Meeting another group, there was a brief, awkward conversation before they realised that they were infiltrating as well. Following them to the treasure room, combat ensued, with the genuine remnants backing up the party against what appeared to be a small group of demon cultists. Symphony, however, got trapped against two real and quite angry remnants, and so pretended to be a kissagram before commencing to murder them.

The demon cultists were taken down quite quickly, but not before releasing a shadow demon from a black gem. As it sped towards the armoury, Symphony cast Thaumaturgy, convincing the men attacking her that their rage and lust had condemned them to eternal damnation.

Then the armoury exploded. Surviving unscathed, our intrepid heroes grabbed all the loot they could and ran to relative safety, plotting how to spend their kind-of ill-gotten gains.

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